South Korea Minimum Wage Rates 2019

south korea minimum wage

Minimum Wage in South Korea: 7,530 won ($6.67) per hour, although the effective comparable minimum wage is higher at 9,200 won per hour due to a mandatory weekly paid holiday for people that work more than 15 hours per week, a law that is absent in other developed countries. The minimum wage law applies equally to foreign, temporary or young workers covering all industries and regions nationwide. On 1 January 2019, it is scheduled to increase to 8,350 won per hour, or 10,020 won per hour if weekly paid holidays are included.

South Korea Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 7,530 6.67

South Korea Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey  average GROSS salary in South Korea is KRW 63,288,326. Average NET salary is KRW 51,612,916.

1 KRW: 0.00088 USD

Engineer KRW 40,664,382
Software Developer KRW 80,285,333
Manager KRW 63,149,141
University Professor KRW 77,452,807
Human Resources Manager KRW 67,069,230
General Manager KRW 145,808,139
Teacher KRW 54,302,181

Facts and statistics about South Korea

south korea

In the East Asia the country South Korea is located. Officially it is known as the Republic of Korea. Based on the population it is the 27th largest country in the world. Seoul is known as the capital of the country and it is the most populous city also. South Korean Won is the official currency of South Korea.

The flag of the country is combined with the colors such as white, red, black, and blue. Primary industries of the country include telecommunications, electronics, and steel. South Korea is widely known as the capital of plastic surgery in the world. South Koreans consumed frequently live octopus.

Capital Seoul
Official languages Korean
Area Total 100,363 km2
Population 51,446,201
GDP (Nominal) $1.693 trillion
Per capita $32,775
Currency South Korean won (₩) (KRW)
Internet TLD .kr
Calling code +82


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