Peru Minimum Wage Rates 2019

peru minimum wage

Minimum Wage in Peru: 920 Peruvian soles ($276) per month.

Peru Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 920 276

Peru Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Peru is PEN 144,996. Average NET salary is PEN 113,495.

1 PEN: 0.30 USD

General Manager PEN 218,363
Director PEN 257,664
Computer Engineer PEN 348,085
Business Manager PEN 111,666
Electrical Engineer PEN 31,800
Risk Manager PEN 246,000
Chartered Accountant PEN 163,000

Facts and statistics about Peru


The country Peru is located in Western South America. In sparsely populated zones the borders of the country is lie. Essentially Peru is a tropical country. It has northern tip which nearly touch the Equator. In terms of three broad longitudinal regions the country Peru is described traditionally such as on the west the arid Costa, in the centre the Andes or the rugged Sierra system, and on the east the tropical Amazon Basin.

In Peru there are three broad climatic regions can be distinguished. The commonly spoken languages are English and other European languages. Majority of the population are Roman Catholic.

Capital Lima
Official languages Spanish
Area Total 1,285,216 km2
Population 32,162,184
GDP (Nominal) $259.879 billion
Per capita $7,199
Currency Sol (PEN)
Internet TLD .pe
Calling code +51


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