Oman Minimum Wage Rates 2019

oman minimum wage

Minimum Wage in Oman: 225 Omani rials ($585) per month plus allowances of 100 rials ($263) per month for citizens; does not apply to foreign workers.

Oman Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 225 20

Oman Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our surveyaverage GROSS salary in Oman is OMR 23,508. Average NET salary is OMR 20,562.

1 OMR: 2.60 USD

Engineer OMR 20,242
Chartered Accountant OMR 26,620
General Manager OMR 45,461
Human Resources Manager OMR 28,369
Lecturer OMR 17,204
Accountant OMR 14,272
Electrical Engineer OMR 21,803

Facts and statistics about Oman


At the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf the country Oman occupies the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the south and east, by Yemen to the southwest, by Saudi Arabia to the west, by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest. By three physiographic zones Northern Oman is dominated. It is slightly smaller than Poland.

In the country there are no permanent fresh water bodies. In the interior of the country the climate is hot and dry and along the coast the climate is hot and humid. More than half of the population of the country is Arab. The official language is Arabic.

Capital Muscat
Official languages Arabic
Area Total 309,500 km2
Population 4,424,762
GDP (Nominal) $75.621 billion
Per capita $17,978
Currency Rial (OMR)
Internet TLD .om
Calling code +968


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