New Brunswick Minimum Wage Rates 2019

New Brunswick minimum wage

Minimum Wage in New Brunswick: On April 1, 2018, the minimum wage increased to $11.25. It will then be adjusted annually relative to the Consumer Price Index.

New Brunswick Minimum Wage Rates

April 2018 11.25


New Brunswick Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in New Brunswick is CA$ 63,000. Average NET salary is CA$ 43,000.

1 CAD: 0.76 USD

Manager CA$ 80,600
Engineer CA$ 50,500
Software Developer CA$ 55,705
Teacher CA$ 42,657
Chartered Accountant CA$ 70,700
Human Resources Manager CA$ 71,500

Facts and statistics about New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada. According to the Constitution of Canada New Brunswick is the only bilingual province. About two thirds of the population declare themselves anglophones and a third francophones. One third of the overall population describe themselves as bilingual. Atypically for Canada, only about half of the population lives in urban areas, mostly in the capital Fredericton, Greater Moncton, and Greater Saint John. Unlike the other Maritime provinces, New Brunswick’s terrain is mostly forested uplands, with much of the land further from the coast, giving it a harsher climate. New Brunswick is 83% forested, and less densely-populated than the rest of the Maritimes. Tourism accounts for about 9% of the labour force directly or indirectly.

Capital and largest city Fredericton
Official languages English, French
Area Total 72.907 km 2
Population 747,101
GDP (Nominal) C$32.180 billion
Per capita C$42,606
Currency Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Internet TLD .ca
Calling code +1

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