Namibia Minimum Wage Rates 2019

namibia minimum wage

Minimum Wage in Namibia: 1,502 Namibian Dollar.

Namibia Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 1,502 101

Namibia Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Namibia is NAD 285,406. Average NET salary is NAD 206,359.

1 NAD: 0.06 USD

Human Resources Manager NAD 388,493
Accountant NAD 251,840
Engineer NAD 347,007
Technician NAD 201,319
Trainee Accountant NAD 140,999
Office Administrator NAD 132,366
Administrative Assistant NAD 114,017

Facts and statistics about Namibia


Officially the country Namibia is known as The Republic of Nambia. In the south-western part of Africa the country Namibia is located. In the world Namibia is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries. It is the number one travel destination. For the highest dunes the country is famous in the world. Since 1990 Namibia is an independent country.

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia, which has almost about 350,000 inhabitants. The name of the currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar, it is equals and fixed to the South African Rand. The economy of the country based on Fishing, tourism and agriculture, and mining.

Capital Windhoek
Official languages English
Area Total 825,615 km2
Population 2,606,971
GDP (Nominal) $11.765 billion
Per capita $5,073
Currency Namibian dollar (NAD),
Internet TLD .na
Calling code +264


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