Kosovo Minimum Wage Rates 2019

kosovo minimum wage

Minimum Wage in Kosovo: €170 ($195) per month for workers between 35 and 65 years of age; €130 ($149) for workers under 35 years of age.

Kosovo Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 170 195

Kosovo Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey (35 individual salary profiles) average GROSS salary in Kosovo is EUR 37,747. Average NET salary is EUR 34,014.

1 EUR: 1.17 USD

Lead Developer EUR 24,200
IT Manager EUR 24,200
Pharmacist EUR 30,000
Human Resources Manager EUR 36,000
Airport Manager EUR 40,625
Director EUR 55,000
University Professor EUR 60,000

Facts and statistics about Kosovo


Kosovo is the self-declared independent country. It is situated in the Balkans region of the Europe. From a Serbian place-name which means field of blackbirds the name Kosovo is derived. This landlocked country is bounded by Macedonia to the south, by Serbia to the north and east, by Montenegro to the northwest, and by Albania to the west.

The capital and the largest city of Kosovo is Pristina. Generally there is a moderate continental climate is Kosovo. The official languages of Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian. There is no such official religion in the country; more than nine-tenths of the population are Muslim.

Capital Pristina
Official languages Albanian, Serbian
Area Total 10,908 km2
Population 1,920,079
GDP (Nominal) $8 billion
Per capita $4,412
Currency Euro (€)d (EUR)
Internet TLD
Calling code +383


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