Costa Rica Minimum Wage Rates 2019

costa rica minimum wage

Minimum Wage in Costa Rica: Varies for specified industries from Costa Rican Colon  10,060.75 ($17) per 8-hour work day for all workers to CRC 13,141.39 ($23) per day for specialized workers. All other occupations not explicitly covered fall under the generic scale, which varies from CRC 300,255.79 ($528) per month for unskilled workers to CRC 644,689.30 ($1134) per month for licentiates.

Costa Rica Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

Agricultural Laborers 9,822.07 $17.70 per day
Construction Worker 9,822.07 $17.70 per day
Carpenter 10,877.41 $19.60 per day
Gardener 10,877.41 $19.60 per day
Machine Operator 10,877.41 $19.60 per day
Maid 178,703.50 $321.99 per month
Guard 315,364.86 $568.22 per month
Vocational School Graduate 428,138.90 $771.42 per month
Receptionist 305,323.98 $550.13 per month
Secretary 320,344.36 $577.20 per month
Messenger 283,799.64 $511.35 per month
Cashier 315,364.86 $568.22 per month
Medical Technician 428,138.90 $771.42 per month
Bachelors Degree 524,477.85 $945.01 per month
Licentiate Degree 629,395.00 $1,134.05 per month
unskilled worker 293,132.61 $528.17 per month
semi-skilled worker 315,364.86 $568.22 per month
skilled worker 331,516.22 $597.33 per month
Technician with upper education 428,138.90 $771.42 per month
Diploma with upper education 462,406.00 $833.16 per month
Bachelor Degree 524,477.85 $945.01 per month
Licentiate Degree 629,395.00 $1,134.05 per month

Costa Rica Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Costa Rica is CRC 20,707,897. Average NET salary is CRC 16,492,870.

1 CRC: 0.001 USD

Manager CRC 31,967,500
IT Project Manager CRC 22,796,600
Director CRC 44,000,000
General Manager CRC 68,760,000
Nurse CRC 20,000,000
Graphic Designer CRC 28,760,000

Facts and statistics about Costa Rica

costa rica

The country Costa Rica is the Latin American country. It has the lowest unemployment. It is bordered to two oceans such as the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It shares its borders with Nicaragua to the north and with Panama to the south. It becomes very difficult to describe the climate of the country as it is so varied. It actually changes from region to region.

The economy of the Costa Rica is based mainly on agriculture, fishery, stock farming, and tourism. This country is the pioneer of ecotourism. In Costa Rica there are over 200 volcanic formations.

Capital and largest city San José
Official languages Spanish
Area Total 51,100 km2
Population 4,857,274
GDP (Nominal) $61.064 billion
Per capita $12,144
Currency Costa Rican colón (CRC)
Internet TLD .cr
Calling code +506

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