Colombia Minimum Wage Rates 2019

Minimum Wage in Colombia: 781,242 Colombian pesos ($258) per month.

Colombia Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 781,242 258
2017 737,717 244
2016 689,454 228
2015 644,350 213
2014 616,000 203

Colombia Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Colombia is COP 104,700,338. Average NET salary is COP 82,670,935.

1 COP: 0.00033 USD

Engineer COP 77,508,083
Manager COP 127,350,000
Financial Analyst COP 51,603,000
Teacher COP 43,677,144
Sales Manager COP 102,643,333
Software Developer COP 66,000,000

Facts and statistics about Colombia


On the northwestern part of the continent Colombia is located. It is the fourth largest country in South America as well as second most populous country. It is bordered by the by the Pacific Ocean to the west, By Panama and the Caribbean Sea to the north. Once Colombia’s economy was depend on agriculture. But now it has become increasingly diversified.

In the country the wide variety of soils reflects topographic, climatic, and geologic conditions. Generally the climate of the country is tropical and isothermal. Throughout the year the temperature varies but very little. The official language is Castilian Spanish.

Capital and largest city Bogotá
Official languages Spanish
Area Total 1,141,748 km2
Population 49,913,668
GDP (Nominal) $327.978 billion
Per capita $6,581
Currency Peso (COP)
Internet TLD .co
Calling code +57

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