Bolivia Minimum Wage Rates 2019


Minimum Wage in Bolivia: 2060 Bolivian bolivianos ($297) per month. plus an obligatory Christmas bonus equal to one month’s pay, prorated for the amount of time the worker has worked in their present position. Plus a second Christmas Bonus if the government decries the economy grew enough, plus an extra month paid in May if the company made a profit for the previous year.

Bolivia Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 2060 297
2017 2000 288
2016 1805 260
2015 1656 238


Bolivia Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Bolivia is BOB 147,605. Average NET salary is BOB 99,298.

1 BOB: 0.14 USD

Private Practice Lawyer BOB 155,000
Doctor BOB 450,000
Nurse BOB 190,000
Game Producer BOB 233,333
Quality Manager BOB 300,800
Technician BOB 200,000

Facts and statistics about Bolivia

bolivia minimum wage

Once Bolivia was the part of the ancient Inca empire.  In the West Central South America Bolivia is a landlocked country. It is bordered by Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru. Bolivia shares Lake Titicaca with Peru. Lake Titicaca is the second largest lake in South America. The constitutional capital of Bolivia is the historic city of Sucre though the administrative capital is La Paz. The culture of Bolivia is very diverse; it is possible because of the different origins of the Bolivian people.

In Bolivia one of the most famous tourist attractions is the Salar de Uyuni. It is a 4,000 square mile salt flat. In the world it is the largest and highest salt flat. It is at an elevation of 11,995 feet above the sea level.

Capital and largest city Sucre
Official languages Spanish
Area Total 1,098,581 km2
Population 11,217,864
GDP (Nominal) $40.737 billion
Per capita $3,647
Currency Boliviano (BOB)
Internet TLD .bo
Calling code +591

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