Belgium Minimum Wage Rates 2019

Minimum Wage in Belgium: €1,562.59 ($1,821) per month, €9.49 ($11.06) per hour for workers 21 years of age and over; €1,604.06 ($1,870) per month for workers 21 and a half years of age, with six months of service; €1,622.48 ($1,891) per month for workers 22 years of age, with 12 months of service; coupled with extensive social benefits.

Belgium Minimum Wage Rates – ALL

2018 1.562,59 1.821
2017 1.531 1.785
2016 1.501 1.750
2015 1.501 1.750
2014 1.501 1.750

Belgium Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Belgium is EUR 61,798. Average NET salary is EUR 38,244.

1 EUR: 1.17 USD

Engineer EUR 45,891
Software Developer EUR 59,694
IT Project Manager EUR 65,477
Software Engineer EUR 54,897
Director EUR 131,575
Financial Analyst EUR 59,952
Doctor BYN 120,750

Facts and statistics about Belgium


In the North West Europe the Belgium is located. It is surrounded by the France to the South, the Netherlands to the North, Luxembourg to the Southeast, Germany to the east, and the North Sea to the northwest. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. In the world it is the 142nd largest nation with a total area of 30,528 square kilometers among which 30,278 square kilometers of land along with 250 square kilometers of water.

The population of Belgium is 11,498,519 in 2018. The Euro (EUR) is the currency of Belgium and the people of this country are known as Belgian. In the year 1830 it became an independent state. For the country the dialing code is 32 and for the Belgian sites are the top level internet domains.

Capital and largest city Brussels
Official languages Dutch, French, German
Area Total 30,528 km2
Population 11,358,357
GDP (Nominal) $562.229 billion
Per capita $49,272
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Internet TLD .be
Calling code +32

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