Bahrain Minimum Wage Rates 2019


Minimum Wage in Bahrain: There is no minimum wage in Bahrain. The minimum salary is around 300 BHD (797 USD). In fact, we do not even have a minimum wage for the nation in the private sector. The kingdom has a free and open market.

Bahrain Average Annual Salary – 2019

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Bahrain is BHD 21,316. Average NET salary is BHD 17,861.

1 BHD: 2.65 USD

Account Manager BHD 15,066
Doctor BHD 34,440
Audit Manager BHD 25,440
Chartered Accountant BHD 18,200
IT Project Manager BHD 18,304
Director BHD 42,933
Teacher BSD 20,000

Facts and statistics about Bahrain

bahrain minimum wage

Bahrain is actually an island country. It is located in the continent of Asia. In terms of land area it is the 192nd largest nation as it covers only 760 square kilometers of land. From The United Kingdom it gains its sovereignty and after then in 1971 it became an independent state. The population of Bahrain is 1,566,993 in 2018. The capital of the country is Manama.

The Bahraini Dinar(BHD) is the currency of Bahrain and the people of Bahrain are known as Bahraini. For the country the dialing code is 973. For the Bahraini sites the top level internet domain is bh. Generally it does not share its land borders with any other countries.

Capital and largest city Manama
Official languages Arabic
Area Total 765.3 km2
Population 1,425,171
GDP (PPP) $100.922 billion
Per capita $51,956
Currency Bahraini dinar (BHD)
Internet TLD .bh
Calling code +973


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