Afghanistan Minimum Wage Rates 2019


Monthly and annual minimum wage in Afghanistan.

5,500 Afghani ($76 – 66€) per month for non-permanent private sector. The minimum wage for permanent government workers was 6,000 Afghanis ($83 -71 €) per month. There was no minimum wage for permanent workers in the private sector.

Afghanistan Minimum Wage Rates

2018 5.500 900 0.46 40
2017 5.000 40
2016 4.500 40
2015 3.800 40

Afghanistan Average Annual Salary – 2018

Based on our survey average GROSS salary in Afghanistan is AFN 694,000. Average NET salary is AFN 612,000.

1 AFN = 0.0138772 USD
1 USD = 72.0313 AFN

Audit Manager AFN 1,125,401
Director AFN 1,249,374
Manager AFN 546,168
Bank Manager AFN 1,301,868
Finance Manager AFN 494,111
Field Organizer AFN 289,309
Human Resource AFN 200,527
Hedge Fund Manager AFN 198,671
Coordinator AFN 131,612


Facts and statistics about Afghanistan


In the continent of Asia, Afghanistan is located. It covers generally 652,230 square of kilometers of land. In the terms of land area it is the 41st largest nation. From The United Kingdom it gains its sovereignty and in the year 1919 it became an independent state. The nation has the density of almost 47 people per square kilometer.

Afghani (AFN) is the currency of Afghanistan. The people of this nation are referred to as Afghan. The population of Afghanistan in the year 2018 is 36,373,176. With 6 countries Afghanistan shares its land borders, such as China, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. For the country the dialing code is 93.

Capital and largest city Kabul
Official languages Dari + Pashto
Ethnic groups Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek
Religion Islam
Government Unitary presidential Islamic republic
President Ashraf Ghani
Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah
Total Area 652,864
Population 34,656,032
Total GDP $70 billion
GDP Per capita $572
Currency Afghani (Afs) (AFN)
Time zone (UTC+4:30 Solar Calendar)
Drives on the right
Calling code +93
ISO 3166 code AF
Internet TLD .af

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